DataCore SANSymphony-V R9 PSP4 Update3

Die Abstände zwischen Updates für SANSymphony-V werden immer kürzer. Gerade erst kam das Update2 heraus, schon legt Datacore das Update3 nach. Details zum Update finden sich in FAQ1419 (Login notwendig).

Auszug aus der Release Benachrichtigung:

Please do read the full release notes before upgrading, however in summary, this update includes:

  • Fixes an issue allowing customers with Shared pools to upgrade for the critical fix available in SANsymphony-V 9.0.4 Update2 (those already on are not affected)
  • Prevents a crash when resizing down a vDisk and then carrying out a reclaim of space (those on or earlier should not resize to avoid this issue)
  • Protects against an unhealthy side of a vDisk being used during a SVmotion from an ESX Host (those on or earlier should disable VAAI before SVmotion



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