Nextcloud plugin for Outlook

Sometimes you may wish to send attachments, that are far too big for an email. Of course you can upload the file to your cloudserver beforehand, then share the link and copy/paste that link into your email. Possible, but cumbersome.

If your private cloud is Nextcloud, then there’s good news for you. Nextcloud developers released an Outlook-plugin that ist very useful and shortens the process. Just download the free plugin (lastet version). Choose x64 or x86 setup file according to your Office version. „Nextcloud plugin for Outlook“ weiterlesen

Pockethernet hands on

The Swiss Army knife of network troubleshooting

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to follow a network cable through a mesh (or should I say mess?) of hundreds of other cables, just to find out which switchport it is connected to? If your answer is no, please tell me your secret! 🙂

Cool tool

Last week I got a packet with a handy new tool inside. It’s called Pockethernet. Once started as a crowdfunding project, it is now a mature, full featured network analyzer that easily fits into one hand or the pocket of your shirt.

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ESET ERA Appliance Migrations-Update

Upgrade der ESET ERA-Appliance durch Migration

Die Komponenten der ESET-Remote-Administrator (ERA) Appliance können durch Installation von Update-Paketen aktualisiert werden. Dabei werden jedoch keine Änderungen am zugrunde liegenden Linux getätigt. Möchte man die gesamte Appliance inklusive der ESET-Software erneuern, so gibt es einen komfortablen Weg mit einem Cross-Update. „ESET ERA Appliance Migrations-Update“ weiterlesen

Generate DataCore Support-Bundle by CLI

How I’ve learned the hard way to collect support bundles on the CLI

It is a standard procedure to generate a support bundle after any changes on your DataCore SANSymphony-Cluster. Usually you’d click the Cluster Object in the Datacore-Console and select „upload support bundle“.  You just enter the customer’s name, an incident ID and select your choice of Mini-, Standard- or Full-Bundle. The collection will be initiated on both hosts simultaneously. Files will be archived as ZIP and (if there’s an internet connection) uploaded to DataCore Support.

Single-Host Collection

Sometimes it might not be possible to collect bundles from both servers or you may not want to trigger a log-collection on both hosts simultaneously. „Generate DataCore Support-Bundle by CLI“ weiterlesen

Why patching your vSphere infrastructure is just not enough

In recent discussions on why should one use a compliance and security scanner for vSphere I more than once heard a straight opinion: Why should we pay another tool. We have VUM already and just keep our vSphere cluster(s) up to date.

This opinion neglects several crucial facts about vSphere as well as any other software: Not every bug is patched once found right away. Sometimes known vulnerabilities linger for months until they are patched. In addition, some of the problems just cannot be solved by the software provider, VMware in this case.

Let me use two examples to point that out. „Why patching your vSphere infrastructure is just not enough“ weiterlesen

VCSA HA – What is it good for?

Once upon a time Edwin Starr (and later Bruce Springsteen) raised that question – ..well kind of. 😉

With the increasing popularity of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) the role of the virtual center has become much more important. In the beginning of virtualization vCenter was a tool to configure and control your ESX hosts and virtual machines. If it went down for maintenance or failure it wasn’t a serious problem. Your server-VMs still kept running.

VDI turned out to be a game changer. If your vCenter goes offline, users can no longer log into their deskstops. This makes vCenter maintenance a tricky task. It can’t be done during business hours and even late at night or on weekends there are remote users who want to log into their virtual desktops. Or think about employees working in different timezones. In some companies the sun never sets on vCenter. „VCSA HA – What is it good for?“ weiterlesen

Datacore – Emulex 16000 FC HBA Support

Hardware Support am Horizont

Im Oktober 2016 zog Datacore den Support für Emulex 16000 FibreChannel HBA zurück, nachdem es zu massiven Problemen im Zusammenhang mit SanSymphony10 kam. Auch in der aktuellen FAQ1592 werden Emulex FC HBA immer noch ausdrücklich nicht unterstützt.

Für Bestandskunden, die den HBA bereits vorher einsetzten blieb der Support erhalten.

Customers already using the DataCore Emulex Fibre Channel driver
will continue to be supported but they must not use the firmware that
is included with any version 11.x Emulex driver package. Use only the
firmware that is provided with the most current version 10.x Emulex
driver package.

Aus oben genanntem Grund musste bei allen unseren Kunden mit Emulex 16000 HBA in Datacore Systemen ein Firmware-Downgrade durchgeführt werden. In einigen Fällen mussten die HBA komplett gegen andere Modelle getauscht werden. Zu schwer waren die Auswirkungen. „Datacore – Emulex 16000 FC HBA Support“ weiterlesen