Runecast Analyzer – Getting started Guide part 3

First steps

In the first two section of this article-series I’ve shown how to deploy and setup Runecast Analyzer and how to update the appliance with latest patches. In this section I’ll show you some first steps to get familiar with the dashboard.

First login into the appliance (default login is rcuser / Runecast!).

Once you’re logged in you’ll see the dashboard where a brief overview of your infrastructure and possible issues are displayed in a condensed way. Don’t be scared, there will be issues. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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VM performance data invisible for users with restricted permissions

How to grant a user permissions to view performance charts

Recently I’ve granted a user permissions to manage his VM in vCenter. I’ve created a custom role with extended VM permissions in vCenter and named it “VM-Admin”.

I also permitted to view performance data of that VM.

Unfortunately that didn’t work. All he could see was a blank screen with no ability to switch views.

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Runecast Analyzer – Getting started Guide part 2

Part 2 – How to update your Runecast Appliance

In the first section of this article-series I’ve shown how to deploy and setup Runecast Analyzer. Thank you all for the positive responses. In this section I’ll show how to update the appliance.

Once an update is available, Runecast Analyzer will show a notification in the upper right corner. An exclamation mark will appear beneath the link symbol.

This only works if you decide to grant Runecast Analyzer access to the internet. If you prefer to lockdown the appliance from external communication, it is possible to update with offline packages. I will first describe online updates (with internet connection enabled) and then offline updates. Continue reading “Runecast Analyzer – Getting started Guide part 2”

Runecast Analyzer – Getting started Guide part 1

Part 1 – Deployment and Setup

Runecast Analyzer is a very useful tool to locate configuration issues within a vSphere cluster. It compares your installation against security hardening guides, best practices guides and the VMware Knowledge-Base (KB). Once you’ve set up your cluster everything might have been ok. Since then new issues might arise, problems get discovered and security guidelines can change. But your setup is still the same. It’s hard to read through VMware KB on a weekly or daily base. I would say it’s almost impossible. Some issues only occur in certain combinations of hardware, patch-level and firmware-level. That’s where Runecast kicks in. They check your setup against most recent information in the KB and hardening guides and present you a filtered subset of information with potential issues in your environment. So you can concentrate on fixing issues and don’t waste time in reading hundreds of new KB articles.

I’ve written a hands-onย  introduction earlier this year. This time I’d like to focus on the product from an administrative point of view.


Runecast offers a 15 day trial license without buying anything. But you’ll see only a limited subset of results.

As a vExpert there’s a special offer by Runecast. You’ll get a one year NFR license for up to 3 hosts without limitation. That’s the one I will use in the following sections. But even the 15 day trial will give a very good impression about the quality and usability of the product. Continue reading “Runecast Analyzer – Getting started Guide part 1”

How to declare an ESXi host dead

Recently we had to shut down an entire datacenter for maintenance. The companys main power supply had a scheduled maintenance window of 5 hours and one of the requirements was that every single power consumer had to be shut off and disconnected.

So all VMs had been shut down, hosts were put in maintenance mode and shut down, also storages, fabrics, switches, climate control, ups – everything. Continue reading “How to declare an ESXi host dead”

VMworld 2017 – day 2 part 1

It’s another beautiful day in Barcelona. VMworld day two is about to start. Let the games begin!

  • Q&A Session with Pat Gelsinger to answer questions sent in by partners the day before.
  • Largest part of the general session was about a fictional company named “Elasticsky Pizza” (not related in any way with this website). ๐Ÿ˜‰ This company urgently needs help to perform the digital transformation, to deliver apps to their customers and to monitor any kind of problem and track down the cause of it. A collection if short and funny clips showed the problem of the company and the presenters showed how to solve them with VMware Cloud products like Pivotal Container Service, AppDefence, NSX, IoT Pulse. To round up the whole story a pizza delivery truck drove into the audience hall and delivered a box of pizza to the presenter. Very entertaining. ๐Ÿ™‚

VMworld2017 – Day 1

General session

This is a short abstract directly from the first row of seats.

9:00 general session is about to begin

More than 11.000 attendees take part in VMworld 2017 EU.

Tot som Barcelona

In reference to the tragic attacks recently happened in Barcelona the opening sentence was “We’re all Barcelona “.

  • Pat Gelsinger talking about digital transformation.
  • IBM and Dell announcing joint venture to accelerate cloud adoption.
  • announcement of HCX Technology – Cloud service for cloud migration, app mobility and infrastructure hybridity.
  • Alan Renouf showing Pat Gelsinger a VR frontend for vSphere Management. Funny to see him using VR glasses to drop a VM into the virtual trashcan or to vMotion another one by throwing the object.
  • Introducing Appdefence security solution


VMworld 2017 – Warm up part 2

Monday is day one before the official start of VMworld. Ideal to get organized and to do some practice in the Hands-on-Labs (HOL).

Lab environment

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