Have you ever experienced a problem – and you knew that you’ve had the solution before? “Was it something with… hmm… you have to… um.. I can’t remember…”

Writing solutions down into a little notebook will end up in a full notebook but you’ll never find your notes again. Or you don’t carry it with you when you urgently need a solution from the book.

That’s why I’ve started to publish solutions, workarounds and tricks on this blog-site. It’s always on and reachable from everywhere.

Why is the primary language German?

Because it’s my native language and there are thousands of English blogs about IT and virtualization out there.

Why are some articles in English then?

There are some topics which target a broader community. They’re not about a personal note to remember for myself. For example conferences and meetings like VMworld, VeeamON or VMUG Usercon.

In late 2017 I’ve started to transform this blogsite into a multilingual site. It now features the languages German and English. This process is still in transition. Old cornerstone articles will be translated step by step from German to English. New posts will be published in German and English – time permitting.

Who cares?

In the beginning I didn’t expect anybody to find or even read my posts. But I was wrong. Over the years this blog has become far more than a swap-partition for my brain. I’ve received responses from Germany and from outside Germany too – even though the publishing language wasn’t English at that time.

Can you explain the header image of your blog?

Well, that’s part of a photography project I did a couple of years ago. A building in the heart of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region.


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