Datacore SANsymphony-V 10 PSP1 veröffentlicht

Eigentlich war SANsymphony-V (aka 10.0 PSP1) schon für Anfang Oktober geplant. Seit heute ist es jedoch zum Download bereit (Login erforderlich).

was ist neu?

Hier ein Auszug aus den Releasenotes:

  • Sequential Storage Option – this random write accelerator capability optimizes the data layout of write operations for a virtual disk by storing them sequentially (instead of randomly) which may improve performance for certain storage configurations. This capability may be configured per virtual disk or virtual disk group.
  • Increased Scalability – the maximum number of nodes per server group is doubled from 32 to 64 DataCore Servers.
  • Chargeback / Quality of Service — support for controlling throughput and/or I/O and capacity allocation to support shaping the use of available resources in Multi-Tenant environments.
  • Maintenance Mode – implementation of “evacuate” and “redistribute” logic to allow the ability to perform maintenance on grouped DataCore Servers or redistribution of virtual disk resources from one DataCore Server to another.
  • Multiple Server Group Management – Improve ease of use when managing multiple server groups. The software securely retains server address and login credentials from each initial session to expedite the switch between groups being controlled and monitored.
  • Multiple Loopback Channels – allows for greater scaling of I/O performance by enabling many more virtual initiator/target mappings to increase the number of possible virtual disks or paths between Host and Storage Server.
  • Performance Monitoring Capabilities – integrates and exports DataCore performance counters to Microsoft Window Performance Monitor
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Rollback Markers – adds support for application-aware markers to allow reverting to a known good image.
  • Automated Installation and Upgrade Wizard – a wizard is automatically launched from the self-extracting package to perform systematic installation and upgrades. Refer to the “Automated Installation and Upgrade Notes” section below.
  • 16 GB Emulex Host Bus Adapter support – the Emulex LPe1600x family of HBAs is now ‘DataCore-Ready’ ( A target/initiator driver to support these HBAs in a DataCore Server will be provided in a future release.

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