VMworld NSX Roving Reporter Interview

Why NSX should be your top priority

While attending VMworld 2018 in Barcelona my buddy and vExpert Ather Beg asked for a brief interview about VMware NSX topics. Here’s the result.


Further links and resources

Product information

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NSX for Horizon

Hands on Labs (HOL)

VMware NSX Data Center – Getting Started Hands-on Lab

VMware NSX – Advanced Hands-on Lab

VMware NSX Micro-Segmentation

VMware Secure Horizon with NSX


NSX-Manager Permissions and Groups

Using vSphere-Client 6.7 to synchronize NSX-Manager with Active Directory

Once you’ve deployed NSX-Manager to a vSphere 6.7 cluster, you may have noticed an error  on the dashboard.

“No NSX Managers available. Verify current user has role assigned on NSX Manager.”

Assuming you have configured vCenter connections correctly, there’s a simple explanation for the error (KB2080740).

Usually initial setup of NSX-Manager is done by the default SSO User administrator@vsphere.local. If you log into vCenter using that user, there will be no error on the dashboard. The point is that NSX-Manager has its own permissions and roles which are not coupled to vCenter permissions. That means a user with administrator rights in vCenter does not automatically get administrator rights in NSX-Manager. Without any permissions that user can’t even see NSX-Manager. Continue reading “NSX-Manager Permissions and Groups”