Rebalance your Resource Pools

VMware vSphere offers the ability to divide cluster resources into pools. There have been a lot of outstanding articles about resources. I want to emphasize especially the books written by Duncan Epping, Niels Hagoort and Frank Denneman.

Resource pools are a constant source of misconfiguration. Almost every cluster I see in the wild has some no-go’s configured. The most common reason is that RP are misunderstood as folders to organize VMs.

Do not use Resource Pools as folders

People keep thinking that if they leave all pools at “Normal” it wouldn’t be a problem. In fact it is a problem. Especially if the customer tried to organize his VMs into  hierarchical structures, resource pools can become very complicated to track and might do nasty things in times of contention. Continue reading “Rebalance your Resource Pools”

Why you should replicate your vCenter Appliance

In the old days of virtualization a vCenter used to be a nice-to-have commodity. But these times are long gone (at least from an IT point of view). In today’s datacenter many services and applications rely heavily on vCenter. Some of the most common use-cases are VDI-environments, cluster balancing mechanisms like DRS or Storage-DRS and even backup software needs vCenter.

The last one is a crucial point. It’s good to have your vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) backed up regularly and most of you and your customers will likely do so. But think of what would happen if you’d loose your vCenter for like 10 minutes or even an hour.

It’s not just important to have a backup of it – you also need to return to operation fast and minimize your Recovery-Time-Objective (RTO). Continue reading “Why you should replicate your vCenter Appliance”

VMware vExpert 2017 – Second Half

A nice surprice at breakfast

Each year VMware selects people who were particularly engaged in the community and awards the title vExpert to these bloggers and evangelists.

Earlier that year some friends and colleagues encouraged me to apply for the VMware vExpert program. Although I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now about virtualization and related IT stuff, I honestly did not expect to fit into the frame. But it was worth trying, so I filled in the application form.

After not hearing anything until early August and not finding my name on the official list, I’ve lost the issue out of sight. Nevermind – better luck next year.

Last week I had a new follower vExpert on Twitter, which isn’t too unusual because I used to follow them for a while too. Nothing suspicious.

Today at breakfast time I’ve received a couple of invitation mails by Corey Romero, who’s part of VMware Social Media and Community Team. Could it be an error? My name wasn’t on the list. So I’ve checked the official list again and actually found my name on it. 🙂

I’m both surprised and honored!

VMware you made my day

I would like to thank all people who encouraged me to apply and who gave me feedback on my blog (without feedback you can’t be sure if anybody is reading at all).

My special thanks go out to Michael Melter from idicos GmbH and Jens Söldner from Söldner Consult GmbH, who both convinced me to apply for vExpert.

And last but not least I would like to thank my wife Ruth for being my rock in rough seas. I apologise for getting lost in the lab so often and spending many hours in front of the terminal.

Thank you so much!