VMworld 2017 – Day 1 part 2

Part 2 – Breakout sessions and Talks

(Link to Day 1 part 1)

The best thing about conventions is that you have the chance to get in contact personally with product line managers, developpers and other experts. Of course it is possible to get all the information online, but there’s no replacement for a hands-on presentation and a direct talk.

Inner Circle Panel

Today I had two sessions with the VMware Inner Circle program.

The first one dealt with general requests, questions and complaints by Circle members to the VMware Inner Circle panel. Topics were about UI of the VMware website, improvements of the download area and display of licensing information. Specialized questions were diverted to small groups after the discussion.

My second session was with Dennis Lu, the product manager of vCenter Web-Client and vSphere-Client (HTML5 Client) and Valerie Brock, Senior Research Manager at VMware Customer Advocacy. Together with four other Circle members we were discussing issues related with the Web-Client and the H5-Client. To summarize the session, we can say that everybody liked the HTML5 Client, altough it isn’t finished yet and some features are still missing. Maybe that is because users are so fed up with the infamous flash-client, that any alternative is greatly accepted.

Breakout sessions

My schedule for today was very tight, so I was glad to attend a session with  Cormac Hogan (VMware) and Cody Hosterman (PureStorage) about vSphere 6.5 Core storage features [SER1143BE], which included deeper information about VMFS 6 and it’s features.


This day started early at dawn for vBreakfast, sponsored by Runecast. A  pleasant warmup for the day, where we had some coffee with other bloggers, vExperts, Runecast staff, and interested attendees in a cafe close to the convention centre.


If you have some time between breakout sessions, there’s plenty to explore on the exhibition in VMvillage. This is the place to network, collect information, discover new products, or just play some games.

Next stops for today

  • Welcome reception
  • vExpert reception
  • Veeam party

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