From Zero to 132

When I applied for Top vBlog elections in November 2018 it was more or less a joke. Yesterday the final results of the Top 25 vBlogs have been streamed live. A recording can be found on YouTube. Amongst the Top 25 there are some of my personal favorites like
Vladan Seget (#2), William Lam (#1), Cormac Hogan (#3) and Melissa Palmer (#6). Congratulations!

Today all the remaining results have been published and I am really (!) surprised, that made it from zero to rank #132 of the general category.

Besides the votes there were election criteria like number of posts in 2017 and Google pageload index. Here my blog optimization paid off and I’ve achieved 95% in speed index. With some simple efforts I was able to significantly reduce pageload time.

Other categories

Besides the overall placement there are special categories. I’ve ranked #22 in “Favorite Independent Blogger” and #6 in “Favorite Non-English Blog”. In 2017 I’ve begun to publish in English too.

Thanks and outlook

Thank you so much for voting for my blog. It’s an encouragement to keep putting a lot of work into my blog. I’ll try to keep up the quality, although it’s not easy among everyday business. I’ve got a lot of topics to write about, but there are only 24 hours in a day. I’m not a professional blogger, I’m a consultant who spends most of the time at customer sites. Nevertheless I enjoy writing about IT subjects and surprises like these push me forward and motivate me to go on with blogging.

Thank you very much !

Top vBlog 2018 Elections

vCommunity votes for most important Blogs 2018

This year, like many years before, Eric Siebert from holds elections to Top vBlog 2018. You can vote for your favourite blogs in virtualization.

How can everybody vote?

Rules are simple. Everybody can vote for ones personal top 12 blogs. In a second step you can rank your 12 selected sites. First rank 12 points, 12th rank 1 point. There are special categories too. Best scripting blog, best female blogger, best non-english blog, best newcomer etc.

There are roughly 300 blogs nominated and I’m happy to be one of them.

Don’t hesitate and vote for your Top vBlog 2018.

The blind spot

Losing your mind over IT complexity

This is a rather non-technical post about life, the universe and… no, I think that has been written before. 😉

Seriously, it’s about how to deal with the overwhelming mass of information and the lack of knowledge of a single person in the field of virtualization.

In the old days

When I started my journey into virtualization, it was all about running a virtual machine within another operating system.  I can remember the day when I’ve first seen a Windows 2000 booting in a VM on my NT4 workstation. It has been sluggish like hell and animations looked like slideshows. But, hey! What a cool technology!

A bit later I had the opportunity to manage an ESX 2.5 cluster before virtualization became mainstream.

Over the years, many other products were added: HA, DRS, vDS, NIOC, SIOC, SRM, vRealize, View, Horizon, vCOPS, vROPS, NSX, vSAN, Cloud, Containers, IoT, Software-defined-whatever and so on.

Enter the vMatrix

It is that kind of technological evolution which makes my work so fascinating and kept me going over the years. Learning new stuff every day is the spice of life and the core reason why I’ve left my labcoat behind, took the red pill and entered the vMatrix. Continue reading “The blind spot”

VeeamON 2018 [day 2]

It’s day two of VeeamON in Chicago. I find it usually hard to keep blog news updated during events like VeeamON. The whole conference keeps you busy from early in the morning to late evening.

There’s the General Session, many breakout sessions, interesting talks with other visitors, partners, sponsors and Veeam employees.

Watch the recording of today’s General Session on YouTube.

Continue reading “VeeamON 2018 [day 2]”