VMworld spotlight – Why Barcelona is a good location

There are discussions going on, whether VMworld EMEA should move on to a different city or not. Barcelona has hosted VMworld EMEA since 2012 and in previous years it took place in Copenhagen (DK) and Cannes (F).


In my opinion Barcelona is a good choice for several reasons. Fist of all it has a large congress center and an international airport which is important for visitors from outside Spain. The city also has an excellent public transport system with buses, metro and trains. During commute hours you don’t have to care about the metro timetable. Trains will depart every 3 to 5 minutes. Tickets are cheap. With a T-10 card you pay about 1 € per ride. Train changes included.

Those who love adventures, may go for a taxi ride. Fasten seat belts and hold on tight! 😉


Barcelona also has a broad offering in accommodation. Depending on your personal preferences (and budget) you can choose from very basic to luxury. There are hotels all over the city in different categories. My personal favorite are small accommodations (hostals) in the inner city. For a fair price you’ll get a simple but clean room. Moreover these hostals are officially licensed by the city tourism board, pay taxes and comply with European security stadards.


VMworld EMEA takes place in November. While the weather in central and northern Europe at that time is usually cold and rainy, Barcelona offers mild temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Wear a short sleeve shirt and you’re dressed. At night a light jacket is enough to go out. No need for winter boots and down parkas


I admit – food is a matter of taste, but in my opinion Catalunya’s cuisine is superb. Tapas are tasty little bits to share on a table during evening meetings in a restaurant. Seafood is fresh and comes in a big variety.

VMworld EU survival guide – 2019 Edition

It’s just a few weeks ago that VMworld US took place in San Francisco. Attendees and (remote) spectators received loads of first hand information. New releases, new roadmaps, new acquisitions, new platforms… wow!

I haven’t finished a fraction of all session recordings I wanted to watch. But yet there’s more to come (shhhh! seven! nudge, nudge). It’s only a few weeks until VMworld EU will open its gates at the Fira Gran Via in beautiful Barcelona.

If you’re considering to go there and you’re not decided yet. Just two words from my side: “do it!“. I’m working with VMware products since…. like forever, but my first visit to VMworld Barcelona was in 2017. And there’s only one thing I really regret: That I haven’t been there in 2016, 2015, 2014, etc…

Last year I’ve written a VMworld Europe survival guide. Most of the information is still valid today. If you’re a first time visitor, feel free to read the blogpost. I’m sure you’ll get some useful information for trip planning, accommodation and getting around. Oh, by the way: the price for an airport return ticket has dropped a little. 🙂

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VMworld2019 Barcelona

ElasticSky.de chosen as official blogging partner

It’ll be the eleventh time when VMworld Europe opens its gates in Barcelona from 4th November to 7th November 2019. Traditionally VMworld Europe takes place after VMworld North-America, which will be held in San Francisco in August 2019. VMworld Europe will mainly attract visitors from the EMEA region. Although breakout sessions will be mostly the same in SF and BCN, both events will have different content and highlights. There are three months time in between, so you can be sure to expect announcements in Barcelona that weren’t ready in August.

Every year bloggers can apply for one of the few blogging passes handed out by VMware. In 2018 I successfully applied for a pass and so I tried it again in 2019. Last Monday I got an email which confirmed that I will get one of the blogging passes. I’m very happy honored about getting a pass for the second time. Many thanks to the blogging team at VMware.

Friends asked me if I would go there even if I hadn’t been selected. The answer is yes for numerous reasons. Besides condensed first-hand information it is networking with friends from all over the world. Where else can you meet VMware product managers and developers in one place. Last year I have written a VMworld Survival Guide about going to Barcelona and why.

Early Bird registration will be open until July 23rd 2019. You can save 200 € on ticket price when booking before end of early bird registration phase.

I’m going to post articles here on ElasticSky.de before and during VMworld Europe. Stay tuned.