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ElasticSky.de chosen as official blogging partner

It’ll be the eleventh time when VMworld Europe opens its gates in Barcelona from 4th November to 7th November 2019. Traditionally VMworld Europe takes place after VMworld North-America, which will be held in San Francisco in August 2019. VMworld Europe will mainly attract visitors from the EMEA region. Although breakout sessions will be mostly the same in SF and BCN, both events will have different content and highlights. There are three months time in between, so you can be sure to expect announcements in Barcelona that weren’t ready in August.

Every year bloggers can apply for one of the few blogging passes handed out by VMware. In 2018 I successfully applied for a pass and so I tried it again in 2019. Last Monday I got an email which confirmed that I will get one of the blogging passes. I’m very happy honored about getting a pass for the second time. Many thanks to the blogging team at VMware.

Friends asked me if I would go there even if I hadn’t been selected. The answer is yes for numerous reasons. Besides condensed first-hand information it is networking with friends from all over the world. Where else can you meet VMware product managers and developers in one place. Last year I have written a VMworld Survival Guide about going to Barcelona and why.

Early Bird registration will be open until July 23rd 2019. You can save 200 € on ticket price when booking before end of early bird registration phase.

I’m going to post articles here on ElasticSky.de before and during VMworld Europe. Stay tuned.

VMworld NSX Roving Reporter Interview

Why NSX should be your top priority

While attending VMworld 2018 in Barcelona my buddy and vExpert Ather Beg asked for a brief interview about VMware NSX topics. Here’s the result.


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VMworld 2018 – Day 4 – Thursday

Wrapping it up

Thursday is the last day of VMworld. There are more breakout sessions, booth sessions and short technical talks like vBrownbag.

More Networking

After a first NSX Session with Tim Burkhard (Gandalf impersonator) we had a table kicker challenge: Rackspace against the (VM)world. Well, not really according to official FIFA rules but with loads of fun.

VMworld Challenge

VMworld 2018 Europe, attendees have the opportunity to earn virtual achievements thanks to the VMworld Challenge. By attending sessions, keynotes, Hands-on Labs, Solutions Exchange booths and much more, you earn virtual credits that you can use to collect VMworld swag or support global communities through Kiva microloans.

Basically this is a brilliant idea. After several VMworld visits one might have a pile of backpacks and other swag at home. Why not using the money to do good? (remember the slogan? “do well and do good”). But on the other hand all swag items have already been produced and paid by VMware. So where’s the point in not claiming them? It makes no difference whether one takes the backpack or not. Well, just how many items go to trash afterwards. That’s not sustainable. Wouldn’t it be better to opt in for charity in favour of swag when you order your VMworld ticket? Then less items can be ordered and less items will be produced and the saved money can be handed over to charity projects.

Right before the end large boxes with T-shirts and paper notebooks have been made available to the public. A good occation to get some extra items and give them away as prizes during local presentations.

Thank you Barcelona – See you next year

Wrapping it up, VMworld Europe 2018 has been very successful. I’ve met a lot of old friends and also a lot of new ones. People I only knew digitally have become personal contacts. This is really great about VMworld. It is not only the increase of technical knowledge by attending breakout sessions, but meeting people and networking is far more important.

VMworld 2019 Europe will take place here in Barcelona from 4.-7. November.


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