VeeamON 2018 – a review

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Slightly recovering from jetlag, I can now summarize the cornerstones of VeeamON 2018 which took place in Chicago from May 14th until May 16th.


I don’t want to go too much into details of new products. In fact there have been only a few announcements.

  • Veeam Backup Version 10 is not yet in sight
  • Version 9.5 U4 will come soon
  • Continuous Data Protection CDP will be delayed
  • Everything is hyper

Instead I’d like to have a look at the conference in general and outline differences to VeeamON 2017. Continue reading “VeeamON 2018 – a review”

VeeamON 2018 [day 2]

It’s day two of VeeamON in Chicago. I find it usually hard to keep blog news updated during events like VeeamON. The whole conference keeps you busy from early in the morning to late evening.

There’s the General Session, many breakout sessions, interesting talks with other visitors, partners, sponsors and Veeam employees.

Watch the recording of today’s General Session on YouTube.

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VeeamON 2018 prequel

Good morning Chicago. Tomorrow VeeamON 2018 will take place here at McCormick Convention Center close to Lake Michigan. Staff has been busy the whole weekend to get everything set for the opening on Monday. I had a short glimpse at the exhibition hall yesterday, where people were laying out carpet and setting up booths and banners. I’m curious how it will look like tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.

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