VeeamON2017 – day 2

Let’s dive deeper

When the 1st day was mainly focused on partners and sales, day 2 goes more into technics. Here we’ve got the opportunity to see and talk to developpers and product managers.

v10 – Preview

There has been an announcement to Veeam Backup & Replication v10. Some new features that will be available have been shown live in the morning general session.

  • File Server Backup and Restore. Add NAS filer
  • Veeam Continuous Data Protection CDP. Reduce RPO to Seconds.
  • New storage integration for Lenovo, IBM and Infinidat
  • New Universal Storage API
  • Veeam Availability Orchestrator with integratiuon into Vmware vRealize LogInsight
  • Veeam Availability for AWS. Agentless Protection for VMs on AWS

Fun fact: the truth about the name Veeam.

Forget what you know about the origin of the company name. Many say it’s VM (vee-am), but as Ratmir Timashev revealed today, it is actually indicating the time they were creating the logo. They were sitting together at 5:33 in the morning.

Veeam classic logo

If you read the old logo in a different way, it says: V (5), EE (33), AM (am). 😉

Anyway. Recently there has been a design change. So the new logo looks like this:

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