VMworld 2017 – Warm up part 2

Monday is day one before the official start of VMworld. Ideal to get organized and to do some practice in the Hands-on-Labs (HOL).

Lab environment

Labs are well organized and the staff is very helpful. A staff member welcomes you at the entrance and leads you to your desk. They’ll assist you until you’ve successfully logged into your session. On Monday morning there is no rush yet and everything is calm.

No comfort zone

Air-condition on conventions is usually kept at a low temperature. As long as you walk around that might be comfortable. But while sitting in front of a screen for 60 minutes or more it can chill you to the bone. Tomorrow I will bring a sweater.

Need 4 Coffee

In the hall there are some coffee and tea providers, but if you got up early and expected a bagel or a little croissant you might be disappointed. Yes, I know we’re one day before VMworld officially starts, but offering at least a little breakfast would have been nice. The hungry ones could buy (!) coffee and bagels at a shop inside the hall.


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