Syslog on Brocade FC-Switches

Setting up syslog export on Brocade FC-Switches

Browsing through logs of many different devices can be a cumbersome duty. It is much better to aggregate logs from different devices on a dedicated syslog server. To make this possible, a syslog server needs to be registered on the device.

I will show here how to configure a Brocade FibeChannel switch that it will send logs to a syslog server.


  • FOS 7.4 or higher
  • Access to CLI (serial or SSH)


Register IP address of syslog server on switch.

syslogadmin --set -ip <syslogserver>

To check status, use the show command.

syslogadmin --show -ip

To revert settings and deregister syslog server from switch use command:

syslogadmin --remove -ip <syslogserver>


Timesync with a NTP source is crucial in order to correlate events precisely. Therefore we need to register a NTP server on the (principal) switch.

tsclockserver <IP>

Choosing the local timezone is best in interactive mode.

tstimezone --interactive


2 Replies to “Syslog on Brocade FC-Switches”

  1. Thanks
    I have a brocade and I set the syslog but I just recieve login/logout events in my syslog server
    I changed facility Item all the way from 0 to 7 but no change
    can you help me ?

    Firmware version is v7.4.2d

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