VMware vExpert 2020 application (2nd round)

The VMware vExpert program is VMware’s global evangelism and advocacy program. The vExpert program was designed by VMware to reward community members for evangelizing VMware’s products and services. Each year the title vExpert is awarded to people who have contributed to the community in an outstanding way. That can be bloggers, book authors, public speakers, VMUG leaders, VMTN contributors, VCDX and other IT professionals who share their knowledge.


Application opens twice a year. Currently the second half application is open from June 1st to June 25th.

Why to become a vExpert

Yes there are benefits (I will come back to that later), but that’s not the point. Being a vExpert is not about what to get, but what you can give. Many vExperts put a lot of their spare time into the community. Preparing a blog post, a VMUG presentation or organizing a VMUG meeting consumes a lot of time. For those community warriors is the vExpert program.

Since I’ve joined the vExpert program I made a lot of friends in the community. I also witnessed a very warm welcome as a newcomer by seasoned vExperts. To name just a few there was Ather Beg from Britain, Andreas Lesslhumer from Austria and Vladan Seget from Reunion Island.

Are you worthy?

I’ve been blogging about virtualization for more than a decade now (wow, that sounds old). But for many years I didn’t think about becoming a vExpert, because I thought I wasn’t worthy. What a foolish misconception. That’s why you need people who encourage you to go the step ahead and apply for vExpert. What do you have to lose? Nothing! In my case I’d like to thank my buddy Dr. Jens Söldner (who is a vExpert Pro btw). He encouraged and helped me with the appliaction process that finally led to my first vExpert award in 2017. Back then I wrote an article about my first experiences as a vExpert. And still that is true today.


Now let’s come back to benefits.

  • Networking with 2,000 vExperts
  • Knowledge Expansion on VMware & Partner Technology
  • Possible Job Opportunities. [Well, maybe. But imho a vExpert badge is not enough to get a promotion or a job offer.]
  • Blog Traffic Boost through Advocacy, @vExpert, @VMware, VMware Launch & Announcement Campaigns
  • 1 Year VMware Licenses for Home Labs for almost all Products & Some Partner Products. That’s the nice part. A substantial part of my homelab is running on vExpert licenses. The other part is powered by VMUG Adavantage Licenses.
  • Private VMware & VMware Partner Sessions. You’ll be invited to secret product demonstrations before GA.
  • Gifts from VMware and VMware Partners. Well… if you like socks… 😉 Just kidding…
  • vExpert Celebration Parties at both VMworld US and VMworld Europe. A great opportunity to meet bloggers and VMUG leaders from all parts of the world in real life. The vExpert reception is one of my favourite events during VMworld. Usually it’s a relaxed, chilled atmosphere, so you can chat and network with others.
  • VMware Advocacy Platform Invite (share your content to thousands of vExperts & VMware employees who amplify your content via their social channels)
  • Private Slack Channels for vExperts
  • Featured in a public vExpert online directory.

What are you waiting for?

Apply today. If you need assistance, please feel free to ask a local vExpert Pro. You can also contact me. I’m happy to help you and I can share my experiences. Contact me on Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comment section of this blogpost.

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