Reset Remote Management on Fujitsu Primergy Servers

Integrated remote management controllers (iRMC) in servers are priceless tools to manage hardware remotely. You can check the system state, reboot or shut down the hardware or open a remote console window withou being on site. Usually these systems have a web based user interface. Unfortunately sometimes webservers fail and stop responding. Good to know that it is possible to restart the iRMC from a SSH connection.

All you need to do is connecting a SSH client (e.g. Putty) to the address of the management controller. Login with your usual credentials that you use to login on the iRMC webserver (like admin / myPass)

After login you’ll see a simple menu.

To restart iRMC choose option (4) “Service Processor”. From the sub-menu you can trigger a warm or cold reset of the service processor.

After a couple of seconds you should be able to login at the web UI again.

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