Reset Remote Management on Fujitsu Primergy Servers

Integrated remote management controllers (iRMC) in servers are priceless tools to manage hardware remotely. You can check the system state, reboot or shut down the hardware or open a remote console window withou being on site. Usually these systems have a web based user interface. Unfortunately sometimes webservers fail and stop responding. Good to know that it is possible to restart the iRMC from a SSH connection.

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Upgrade ESXi 6.5 with Fujitsu Custom Image

VIB Conflict

Host upgrades with custom images offer extended driver support for vendor specific hardware or agents. You’ll get drivers that are not included in a standard VMware (Vanilla) image. Upgrading with customized images may lead into trouble while updating existing driver packages. There used to be a nasty bug with the lsiprovider package on Fujitsu ESXi 5.1 images. Another example was the “death by upgrade” bug (blog post in German) when upgrading a customized Fujitsu installation to ESXi 6.0. There are other examples from different vendors in the hall of shame.

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