Using ESXi on Arm as a tiny Kubernetes cluster

Setup K3s

We now have 3 prepared Photon OS VMs and we can continue with K3s cluster setup. First we install K3s on our master node (first VM). This is also called the K3s server.

Deploy Master Node

curl -sfL | sh –

To join other nodes with the master node we need to copy the node token of the master.

cat /var/lib/rancher/k3s/server/node-token

Write down this token for our next steps.

Deploy second node

Power on Node VM number 2 and open SSH connection. We’ll now setup K3s on this node too and provide the name or IP of the master-node ( and its node-token. Replace IP address and token with your values. Repeat step with node number 3. This will be the same command.

curl -sfL | K3S_URL= K3S_TOKEN=K109fc629c6ff2feb3e94a6e6d7c972cdbab2cfa39e19697db67b6455d10cc13c98::server:47581903e817d3cc683a20bb1d1f1448 sh -

Check cluster

Open SSH to master node and check cluster connectivity.

kubectl get node

To get more details you can issue command:

kubectl get node -o wide

Now you’re ready to run (small) deployments.


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